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Mega Home Appliances presents you an impressive range of electric irons that are manufactured to meet your daily needs and requirements. We manufacture both, steam irons and dry irons. Both the irons are perfect solution for quick crease removaland ideal way for difficult or delicate iron clothes. Coming equipped with temperature settings and non-temperature settings, all our range of products are designed in a way that can enhance your ironing experience with Mega Home Appliances’ best and most innovative accessories.

As far as our dry irons are concerned, we have varieties of them such as non-stick soleplate coating that smoothly glides over your favorite clothes. They are easy to use and light in weight. With our electric dry iron, you are able to make your clothes and fabrics look like new. You can find the replacement parts for our dry irons in a hassle-free way.

Coming to the steam irons, they are good enough to remove wrinkle fast and reduce your ironing time to a great extent. Besides, our steam irons also come with a kind of features that stops any of your clothes from burn. They are featured to iron away wrinkles with powerful steam capacity and smart innovations to let you enjoy better and faster ironing experience.

Some of the key features of our electric irons include powerful steam output, capacity to remove wrinkles easily, vertical and horizontal steam burst function that allow effective wrinkle removal, temperature setting to iron different fabrics, soft tough led control panel, scratch proof sole plate, unique palm glide design, and much more.

Whether you are the owner of an electrical stores that sell dry and steam irons and want to buy our products, you are most welcome. You can place bulk order and get the products in deadline. Besides, we are also open for individuals and residents.

Electric Iron Manufacturers


Electric Iron Manufacturers


Electric Iron Manufacturers


Electric Iron Manufacturers


Electric Iron Manufacturers


Electric Iron Manufacturers

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